Our Royal Oaks World School logo interprets the goals as well as the vision - mission of the school. The Oak tree is a metaphor for the qualities of character - strength, endurance, courage, generosity, integrity, honesty and compassion. The symbols are a creative representation of academic excellence - in wisdom, in skills, in knowledge and in values. The circular Blue aureole provides an all-encompassing environment for development - spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.


School Song

Dear Royal Oaks, we remember With each passing year, This garden of Children You’ve tended with care. We’ll blossom and flourish As each year we grow. Your memories we’ll carry Where ever we may go.

The knowledge we’ve gained here. The friends we have made, The sharing and caring, The love we have gained.

Ever seeking, ever reaching From roots to wings. From Horizons beyond, We love you dear Royal Oaks We’ll cherish the bond.

So long live our dear school, Over Land or sea. Dear Royal Oaks we love you, All praise be to thee.