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Essay Writing Skills for School Children
April 8, 2019

Importance of Music Classes for Kindergarten Children

For Blog_Importance of Music Classes for Kindergarten Children

Music has always been a pivotal part of a child’s life. From the time they hear it as a lullaby or when they hear the music from their own toys, kids love music in some form or another since a very young age. Music isn’t just an enjoyable but it’s important to a child’s development too. Music classes in school are therefore crucial and shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s 5 reasons why they are important:

#1 Music Classes increase sensory development:

Just like colors, taste etc. helps in sensory development, music helps too. When your child gets exposed to different kinds of music, cells in his brain will create more pathways. This effect is increased even more when music is paired with an instrument or dancing.

#2 Music Classes help in calming down:

When a child is small, he can get fussy or cranky sometimes. When a child listens to music or chants with a teacher, then his mind becomes occupied and soothed with the tunes. This acts as a great way to calm down fussy kids.

#3 It will help in honing their math skills

There is research work that proves that children who learn to play instruments or read sheet music score better in math tests. But don’t think that your children math skills will magically reach to prodigy level just by indulging in music lessons although their natural ability will surely be refined.

#4 It improves literacy and numeracy

By signing and learning nursery rhymes, children identify patterns and sequence. They are also able to build up fine motor skills due to repetition. They are also able to differ between voices of various kinds of people. This enhances a child’s natural ability to decode sounds and words.

#5 It helps with coordination

Kindergarten children are not able to get the lyrics properly, but they do get the rhythm and tone of the song. They have already developed a liking towards certain kinds of music and some songs. When they move to a certain kind of music or start singing the lyrics, it helps them in developing coordination. And if they are playing an instrument too, then it improves hand-eye coordination.

#6 It will help with vocabulary

When kindergarten children learn through songs, they develop an understanding through the art of storytelling. For example, if its an ABC song, they think that l-m-n-o-p is a word like ‘elemenopee’. As they grow up or when they are taught the letter, they will understand the actual context in the song. This increases their knowledge and learning power.

#7 Music teaches them patience

It’s difficult to inculcate the habit of patience in kids. They are eager for instant gratification and gets their way by throwing tantrums and crying. Patience, however, is very important in the real world. When you are learning a song or to play an instrument, it takes serious time and effort to do so. It would need focus and dedication. And as they indulge themselves in music, patience is automatically instilled in them.

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