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March 29, 2019
For Blog_Fancy Dress Competition for Primary School Children
Fancy Dress Competition for Primary School Children
April 8, 2019

How to prepare for School Elocution Competition

For Blog_How To Prepare For School Elocution Competition

Elocution means the art of effective public speaking. By organising elocution competitions, school are basically boosting the public skills, speaking skills and confidence of the children. Therefore, we should give proper importance to these competitions. Here are some tips to prepare for it.

#1 Understanding the topic: The topics can range from current affairs to a global problem. You should have adequate knowledge about the topic before beginning. This will help in organising ideas and create a good speech.

#2 Time to prepare: Once the date of the competition is decided, take some time out each day to prepare for the competition. Make sure that your child is at ease. Sufficient practice will ensure that the child is confident and comfortable during the competition. Content should be improvised with time too. The message of the speech should be clear and concise. This makes the flow of thought easy as well.

#3 Know your audience: Your school elocution speech will also be judged on the basis of audience engagement. So, if you are having an inter-school competition, then there will be children from other cities too. If you have to choose your own topic, then decide on the basis of your audience.

#4 Deal with stage fear: Stage fright or performance anxiety is a common thing in school elocution and can be dealt with easily. Schools should arrange mock speech competition before heading for the big day. As a parent, you can ask your kid to perform in front of your relatives, friends or neighbors. This will help in getting rid of stage phobia. The child can also perform in front of the mirror.

#5 Take cues from mock speeches: Ask the audience to give feedback for your speeches. See if you are getting the nodding consent from the audience. See at which points in your speech did that happen, note them and try to expand on them.

#6 Add a little humor in your School Elocution Competition: Making your speech a little fun is a bonus. You can start with a personal experience or add any other hilarious fragment in your speech. Make sure that it’s related, because anything fun that is unrelated might get attention from the audience, but it will be marked negatively by the judges.

#7 Speak clearly: Anxiety can make you speak fast. But nothing is worse than just rattling out your speech in one go. Therefore, be natural, express your ideas clearly, emphasise only when it’s needed and try to neutralise your accent.

#8 Conclusion is a must: The end of the School Elocution speech is your closure and what you leave the audience and judges with. Your conclusion should be as important as your introduction, so give these two parts a little more effort and time.

Just relax before your chance. Take some deep breaths, drink some water and say a small prayer. You are sure to reap the benefits of your hard work.

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