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April 8, 2019
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April 8, 2019

Fancy Dress Competition for Primary School Children

For Blog_Fancy Dress Competition for Primary School Children

Fancy dress competitions have become quite common as extra-curricular activities for kids. It’s integral to a child’s development and one of the most exciting events that a kid can take part in. Some kids even have their favorite characters and love to dress and act like them. The competition also gives them a chance to get out of their comfort zone and do something they don’t get to do in their everyday life.

You can start by planning the costume. Ask your child what he wants to wear or else give him options. Give attention to all the details as that would help maintain the authenticity of the character. You can talk to his teachers about the activity to get some more details about it. Once the costume is done, you should decide on makeup and hairstyle. Children’s skin is very sensitive to harsh makeup, so choose something gentle and chemical-free. Put moisturiser on before applying makeup as this will form a shield on your child’s skin. If you are not so sure about the makeup, you can choose a mask to go with your child’s costume.

Next up is props and accessories. Now, these might not be easily available and you would have to put some efforts to make them. Props helps in defining the character. If your child is performing something, then choose accessories accordingly. Also make sure that the kid is comfortable with the prop, as he will be the one who will carry it. Sometimes even schools have some extra props available, in that case, teachers should inform the students or parents directly about it.

Try to be imaginative and unique. Sometimes the competition is around a particular theme, so keep that in mind before deciding on the costume. There are always new ideas around you that will help your child in standing out in the competition.

Do a dress rehearsal for the fancy dress competition. If you prepared a performance, ask your kid to do it infront of a few people. This will boost his confidence and morale. A rehearsal would also allow you to see through some mistakes and improvise. It will also help your child become more comfortable in his costume and have more assurance when he presents himself at school.

Try to build excitement in the child. Both teachers and parents should try to boost child’s enthusiasm during days leading up to the competition. The school should make sure that the child is comfortable and is not under pressure due to the performance.

These fancy dress competitions also gives parents a chance to bond with their child. They get to know about the creativity their child possess. You can work together as a team for building the costume. A great way would be to ask the child to find his favorite character and instead of buying the costume, you ask him to create it himself. This will help in building qualities of hard work and dedication in your child. It also helps child in expressing himself.

When done right, this fancy dress competition can have all-round benefits. Enjoy the process, team up with your child and have fun.

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