Essay writing is often a difficult challenge for a child. It’s even more tough for those kids who have less attention span or learning issues. Writing is, however, a huge part of the studies now. Whether it’s assignments, exams or essay, possessing good essay writing skills always comes in handy. Here are some qualities you need to have for essay writing and ways in which you can improve it.

Qualities you need for essay writing:

Transcription: This basically means physically producing words. So, writing, keyboarding and spelling. Some kids don’t have good handwriting even though they are able to speak and spell correctly.

Sentence Construction: This involves having proper grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and the art of putting your ideas into meaningful sentences. This can be instilled in kids by either reading or by making them practice essays on different topics.

Genre and Content Knowledge: Essays are generally given on random topics. If kids aren’t aware of their surroundings, they might have a hard time writing an essay. They should have the knowledge about the subject of writing. 

Planning and editing: In exams, essay writing generally has a word limit. It is important that the kids plan the essay before they start writing. Organise your ideas in a paragraph, build an overall structure and then start writing. You can teach the kids to learn this by ‘hamburger strategy’, in which an essay needs top bun (introduction), patty (main idea), condiments (supporting idea) and bottom bun (conclusion).

Ways to improve essay writing skills:

Encourage Reading: Reading is very essential for having good essay writing skills. Promote reading habits in kids by setting aside a time daily for the habit. All good writers are dedicated readers too. Your child can read anything. And it’s best he decides it for himself too. You can guide him on how to read the sentences, their style and so on.

Start with the mind: Don’t put out straight rules on how the child should start essay writing. Instead, first encourage your child to develop an interest in writing. Tell him why it’s important, not only from a school point of view but according to real-life point of view as well.

Practice: All essay writing skills gets better with repetitive practice. Start slow. Ask the child to write just a 100 to 200 word essay on a particular subject. You can first start with his favorite topics and then, proceed to other topics. Guide him through the process. This will help them in steadily improving their writing skills.

Helpful Feedback: Feedback plays an important role during the learning process. When you are training a kid, he will see you as a role model. So, give him your honest opinion. Don’t be too brutal. Your feedback should also include the way to correct the errors too. This way they will be able to learn from their mistakes and improve their writing skills as well.

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