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March 9, 2019
For Blog_CBSE School In Aurangabad
CBSE School in Aurangabad
March 14, 2019

Life at Royal Oaks, Aurangabad

For Blog_Life at Royal Oaks Aurangabad

Royal Oaks World School at Aurangabad stands by core values that have shaped their past of its creators: academic excellence focused application and creative innovation. All these three put together have helped to make an institution that has become the beacon of light guiding the minds of little children that have chosen to receive their formal education here.

Royal Oaks – The Best Path for Students

As one of the most happening and dynamic CBSE schools in the city of Aurangabad, the Royal Oaks World School is simply the easiest path to excellence. The team of expert teachers led by the principal of the school have made learning a continuous activity where the children ask the right questions and seek the best answers.

The teaching methodology that is in place has been formed with an aim to creative inquisitive minds so that the knowledge they acquire with their curiosity stays with them and helps them to shine in any profession that they take up.

The students of the Royal Oak World School will end up being socially responsible global citizens of the future. In addition, the extra-and co-curricular activities help them to learn teamwork and cognitive skills that will help them to tackle, in future, the many pressing issues of the world today. They run pre-primary and primary sections that house students from Class I to Class VII in the school premises. The academics conform to the CBSE curriculum.

Royal Oaks – Mission & Vision

The Royal Oaks School Aurangabad has a vision to ultimately craft citizens of the future that are intellectually capable and assume leadership roles with a sense of compassion and ultimately contribute to the wisdom of the society.

Their mission is to stimulate the curiosity latent in every child, help them build positive relationships with others while developing a sense of understanding and compassion simultaneously. The ways of the school build in each student the courage to stand up and act on their beliefs. The school environment is caring and safe and promotes a hunger for success. The mode of instruction is in such a way so as to help the children reach their potential in academic, emotional and spiritual realms.

Royal Oaks World School – Their Logo and Its Meaning

The school logo embodies the vision and mission of the school in its completeness. The oak tree in the logo is a symbol that reflects the tree’s qualities: the strength of character, endurance of the spirit, courage, integrity, honesty and compassion. The school’s name contains the word ‘oak’ for very much the same reasons. The school song is also a reiteration of the same qualities and the values that it instils in the students thereof when they sing it every day.

Pre-Primary Section

Keeping in mind that the nursery school is the first step in the education process, a lot of care has been taken by Royal Oaks in designing the curriculum and teaching methodology. Armed with the knowledge that the first five years in a child’s life is the best time to learn up to 80% what they would know when they become adults, the foundation has been designed with a lot of care and thought.

Play forms a very important part in growing up and is very well realized by the authorities at Royal Oaks World School. The children are actively involved in exploring and experimentation of their surroundings. The daily timetable includes outdoor activities, music and rhyme time, and language and number skills development.

The Childhood Education Curriculum consists of games, activities and experiences planned by the teachers in a manner to increase their competence. The environment is stimulating and allows interactions with peers and adults to make the journey fruitful.

The Little Oaks Nursery is a four-year program to promote all-round development of little children in Royal Oaks World School. The program consists of independent learning as well as activities guided by the teachers.

The Montessori and Play Way methods are both used to design activities meant for the children. The programme also encourages social interactions among the children and developing their sensitivities to others’ needs and privileges. Physical development of the child is also kept in mind while developing these programs.

Primary Section

The curriculum of the primary section has been developed based on Benjamin Bloom’s thinking skills and it helps the students to understand the concepts and then apply to solve the problem. They also observe on their own and apply.  The assessment methodology is directed to find out whether the students have learned what they should and is according to the guidelines imposed by the CBSE. 

The School

The Royal Oaks World School is located along the NH 211 close to the Deolai Chowk on the Beed bypass. The campus is extensive and has a lush green environment. The classrooms are constructed to be bright, spacious and airy. The school has enough number of classrooms, activity rooms and libraries to facilitate students’ studies. The furniture in the classrooms is designed to be safe for the students and is ergonomic in nature.

The cases are provided with a variety of teaching aids that helps to make learning easy and fun-filled. Each block is surrounded by ample open space that further helps to enhance their experiences. As outdoor facilities, the school sports an amphitheatre, a swimming pool and arenas for playing different games.

Extracurricular Activities

Due importance is given to extracurricular activities for students in the primary section. This promotes their all-round growth and helps the authorities and parents to spot unique talents among the pupils. The school has produced numerous champions in national level Science and Math Olympiads.

As part of sporting activities, the school encourages roller skating training for those children that are interested. The school has produced national champions in the under-12 category for relay roller skating races.

Other extracurricular activities include drama, debates, and exhibitions and athletic meets in which the students can take part to learn and enjoy.

When you send your children to Royal Oaks World School, you can rest assured that your children will grow into responsible citizens of the future.

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