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March 14, 2019
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March 18, 2019

Global School In Aurangabad

For Blog_Global School In Aurangabad

If you are wondering if there is a global school in Aurangabad, it is the Royal Oaks World School that has adopted academic excellence, creative innovation, and research-focused curriculum as its core values. The co-educational K-12 school started functioning from June 2017 and is fast becoming to be one of the major educational institutions in Aurangabad. There are many reasons as to why Royal Oaks is reckoned as the best school in this city. Read on to know more about the school.

Location and Environment

Royal Oaks School, set in a lush green campus, boasts of a strategic location. It is located along NH 211 on Beed bypass close to Deolai Chowk. The exquisitely designed buildings blend time-honoured values with modern architectural innovations to enhance the very essence of learning. Appreciating the fact that each child is different, Royal Oaks School has created a learning environment that helps each student to realise their full potential.

Teachers at Royal Oaks

It is said that teachers have the power to light up the darkest minds. This is definitely true in the case of Royal Oaks World School. The teachers of this global school in Aurangabad are all trained to lead from the front when it comes to moulding the habits and behaviours of the children. They set very high standards for themselves and are extremely passionate about imparting the right values to the students. When it comes to education, they do not compromise on anything and encourage them by providing effective support. The best thing about the teachers at Royal Oaks is that they keep themselves updated on their subjects and teaching methods.


When it comes to the curriculum of the pre-primary section, the foundational programme boasts of a mixture of independent learning and guided activities. The follows innovative teaching methods such as Play way and Montessori to take children along the path they naturally follow during this stage in their lives. That is why playing is integrated into their curriculum and it encourages them to actively explore and experiment.

The curriculum for the primary section focuses on improving learning and application skills by making use of Benjamin Bloom’s thinking skills classification methodology. The curriculum includes interesting and thought-stimulating lessons as well as activities that help students develop a better understanding of the concepts and encourage them to observe, apply, explore, and draw conclusions. This goes a long way in making them learn independently, develop divergent thinking, and find solutions to problems in academic and non-academic domains.

Extracurricular Activities

At the global school in Aurangabad, extracurricular activities are given as much importance as the studies. This is because they are aimed at developing the life skills of the students. Extracurricular activities include Dramas and Debates, Dancing and Singing, Community Services, and Sports and Group Activities. Students can choose extracurricular activities according to their preferences.

In conclusion, Royal Oaks is truly a global school in Aurangabad and it is your best option if you want to make your child succeed in life and become a citizen of the 21st century.

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