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March 14, 2019
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March 14, 2019

CBSE School in Aurangabad

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The Royal Oaks World School is the topmost CBSE School in Aurangabad Maharashtra. This co-ed school is being noted for its excellence in education, co-curricular and extracurricular activities that it offers to the students. Located amidst natural environs, Royal Oaks is very close to the Deolai Chowk that lies in the NH 211 Beed bypass. The basic premise of the Royal Oaks World School is that every child is different and therefore the school strives and creates an environment which enables the children to learn and benefit to the maximum extent. 

The Royal Oaks World School, the premier CBSE School in Aurangabad, is committed to helping the students to pursue excellence in all spheres: academics, social, emotional and physical. Through this their aim is to provide the highest quality of educational experience possible for each one of their students. In addition to maintaining a positive and friendly environment suited to improve the cognitive skills of the students, the environment is designed to foster a cooperative spirit between the students themselves.

The Royal Oaks World School, since becoming functional in the 2017, operates classes I to VII in the Pre-Primary and Primary Sections. It conforms to the CBSE curriculum and has world class infrastructure which creates an atmosphere of learning and application of knowledge within the school itself. The school environment for the pre-primary and primary section is safe and the teaching aids are designed to promote pursuit of knowledge.

The school fees are competitive and they believe in providing top-quality education in return and it translates to priceless value in the future. The staff members are qualified and experienced and committed to bringing out the highest potential in the students.

The Campus – Royal Oaks World School

The Royal Oaks World School firmly believes that all work and no play do not augur well for a student of any age. The outdoor facilities are excellent replete with large playgrounds, ample outdoors space, amphitheatre and a swimming pool. The classrooms are spacious and school building provides for student activity rooms and libraries.

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology – Royal Oaks World School

The curriculum of the pre-primary and primary sections is directed towards helping the children recollect what they have learned, understand the concepts, and apply it in the problem to derive the solution. The teaching methodology encourages the children to explore, learn and apply.

Assessment of students is done in a manner so as to determine whether the students have understood what was taught and whether the goals of education have been met in the larger perspective.

Overall Mission of The Royal Oaks World School

Labelled as one of the best CBSE schools in Aurangabad,
the overall mission of the institution, the Royal Oaks World School, is to provide equal and comprehensive opportunities for all the students in a caring and safe environment. This would go a long way in helping them achieve their life goals and become highly productive and socially responsible citizens in the future.

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