Pre Primary Market Day 2018-19
September 1, 2018
Admissions Open 2019-20
September 3, 2018

Coffee Morning for Class 2, 2018-19

Coffee morning was conducted today 1 September 2018.

We were delighted to have all Parents of Class II share their time with us and interact with Teaching-Learning process.

Parents were able to get a first hand view of the unique teaching methods adopted at Royal Oaks World School and how today’s children learn.

Parents participated wholeheartedly in this specially designed learning programme and were very appreciative of the efforts of the school to work in close partnership with the parent community.

Feedback from the Parents:

“I was very pleased to attend the skit on healthy and junk foods conducted by students of second grade at Royal Oaks World School, as a parent. The effort that is going into giving a comprehensive learning experience to the little scholars is pleasantly surprising. Everyone from the class teachers to the Principal to even the administrative staff seem to be completely involved in every little activity. I was happy to be among the parents to interact with Principal Mr. Michael James over a cup of tea. He explained the emphasis that the board placed on English language skills. He said that as a school, their efforts are to make students feel confident in their language skills, and to develop critical analytical skills in them so that they are able to think on their own and grapple with new ideas.”


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